Hemp has been around since the world was created. It was once a major trade commodity and used to make a plethora of materials and tinctures, used throughout the history of mankind.  Hemp can be used to make concrete, hemp board, clothing, roping material and list of over 2000 other items. The government once required farmers to grow hemp in support of naval trade and warfare, for ships rigging and uniforms.  As a fun fact, Henry Ford once built a car completely from hemp and plastic, which was stronger than the metal versions of its time.


Hemp, used as an herbal supplement, is surrounded by many false claims.  Research and customer testimony show a strong connection to hemp assisting in chronic pain related to neuropathy and arthritis.  It also shows a strong relation to sleep improvement and mood improvement.


At this point, hemp has been claimed to cure cancer and cure the worlds problems. NO! It is not a cure all, but it is a great alternative, natural supplement for your diet, similar to other supplements such as tumeric.  We recommend adding a hemp regimen as a conservative alternative to assist with chronic pain, sleep and mood.


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